Kutch Embroidery

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Kacchi work or Kutch embroidery is an art of the tribal community of Kutch district of an Indian State Gujrat. This embroidery has rich designs in geometrical patterns. Embroidery can be done on cotton, silk or satin fabric in form of a net using silk or cotton thread. In this embroidery square chain, double buttonhole, pattern darning, running stitch, satin and straight stitches are used. Small mirror used with colorful threads.

Kutch Embroidered Saree

History of the Kutch Embroidery is said to be around 300 years old when people migrated from Afghanistan, Greece, Germany, Iran and Iraq to Gujarat. It is also said that cobblers known as mochis were trained in this art form by the Muslim saints of sindh. 

This art form became a vocation for women of Kutch not only to meet their own clothing requirements but also to make a living, in view of severe dry and very hot conditions of Kutch. It became a generational art with the skills taught from mother to daughter. They embroidered clothes for festive occasions and to decorate deities and to create a source of income.


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